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Series: リトルバスターズ!
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 Little Busters!

This Series contains cards from the popular Visual Novel and Anime Little Busters!

There are no English cards for this series.

Booster Packs[]

Trial Decks[]

Extra Packs[]

  • Little Busters! (Extra)
  • Little Busters! Ecstasy (Extra)
  • Little Busters! Refrain (Extra)
  • Little Busters! Card Mission (Extra)

PR Cards[]

for Kudwafter PR cards see Angel Beats!/Kudwafter.

Little Busters![]

LB/W02-101 あたしたちが付き合おう Let's Go Out
LB/W02-101e The confidence of Rin
LB/W02-102 “いつも仲良し”鈴と小毬 "Always Friendly" Rin and Komari
LB/W02-103 “わんこ娘”クド "Dog Girl" Kud
LB/W02-104 黄昏の街を見下ろす鈴と小毬 Looking Down at the Town at Dusk Rin and Komari
LB/W02-120 “トラブルメーカー”葉留佳 "Trouble Maker" Haruka
LB/W02-121 “犬まみれ”佐々美 "Dogs All Around" Sasami

Little Busters! EX[]

LB/W02-105 “天然ほわほわガール”小毬 "Natural Ditsy Girl" Komari
LB/W02-106 “ライバル”佐々美 "Rival" Sasami
LB/W02-107 “人見知り”鈴 "Shy" Rin
LB/W02-108 “素っ気無し 愛想無し 配慮無し”佳奈多 "Cold Unsociable No Consideration" Kanata
LB/W02-109 “イタズラっ子”葉留佳 "Prank Child" Haruka
LB/W02-110 “エレガント”唯湖 "Elegant" Yuiko
LB/W02-111 “ボケまくり”沙耶 "Always Joking" Saya
LB/W02-112 “がんばり担当”クド "In Charge of Never Giving Up" Kud
LB/W02-113 “物静か”美魚 "Quiet" Mio
LB/W02-114 “非情な諜報員”沙耶 "Cold-hearted Intelligence Agent" Saya
LB/W02-115 “わかりやすい”佳奈多 "Predictable" Kanata
LB/W02-116 “闇の執行部部長”時風 "Dark Executive Club President" Tokikaze
LB/W02-117 鈴&佐々美 Rin & Sasami
LB/W02-118 不思議の国のクド Strange Country Kud
LB/W02-119 “おめかし”小毬 "Dress Up" Komari
LB/W02-122 水着の鈴 Swimsuit Rin
LB/W06-103 “フレンドリー”小毬 "Friendly" Komari
LB/W06-104 “夕暮れの妖精”クド "Fairy at Sunset" Kud
LB/W06-105 “一等賞”鈴&小毬 "First Place Prize" Rin & Komari
LB/W06-106 “なつかない猫”鈴 "Non-affectionate Cat" Rin
LB/W06-107 ウェイトレス鈴 Waitress Rin
LB/W06-108 水着の佐々美 Swimsuit Sasami
LB/W06-109 水着の佳奈多 Swimsuit Kanata
LB/W06-111 “クォーター少女”クド "Quarter Girl" Kud
LB/W06-112 水着の沙耶 Swimsuit Saya
LB/W06-113 “ニコニコ笑顔”小毬 "Smiling Face" Komari

Radio Little Busters![]

LB/W06-110 ナツメブラザーズ!(21) Natsume Brothers! (21)

Little Busters! Anime[]

LB/W21-106 “新リーダー”理樹 "New Leader" Riki
LB/W21-107 “兄貴分”恭介 "Big Bro" Kyousuke
LB/W21-108 “マウンド上の精密機械”鈴 "Precision Machine on the Mound" Rin
LB/W21-109 “筋肉の革命児”真人 "Revolutionary of Muscles" Masato
LB/W21-110 “単純馬鹿”謙吾 "Simple-minded Idiot" Kengo
LB/W21-P01 大空へシャンプ! 鈴 Jump to the Broad Sky! Rin
LB/W21-P02 “モンペチ配達係”クド "In Charge of Delivering Mon Petit" Kud
LB/W21-P03 “猫とのふれあい”鈴 "Being Connected with Cats" Rin
LB/W21-P04 “猫とひなたぼっこ”鈴 "Under the Sun With Cats" Rin
LB/W21-P05 “幸せのひだまり”小毬 "Sunny Spot of Happiness" Komari
LB/W21-P06 “可愛い娘好き”唯湖 "Loves Cute Girls" Yuiko
LB/W21-P07 頼れる馬鹿 謙吾&真人 "Dependable Idiot" Kengo & Masato
LB/W21-P08 白鳥のように 美魚 Like a Swan Mio
LB/W21-P09 自由奔放 葉留佳 Free Haruka
LB/W21-P10 “朝の挨拶”クド "Greeting in the Morning" Kud
LB/W21-P11 “繰り返す時間”恭介 "Repeating Time" Kyousuke
LB/W21-P12 “みんなをひとつに”理樹 "All in One" Riki
LB/W21-P14 “ライジングニャットボール”鈴 "Rising Nyat-ball" Rin
LB/W21-P15 “一緒におめかし”鈴&小毬 "Dress Up Together" Rin & Komari

Little Busters! -Refrain-[]

LB/WE18-P01 僕らはリトルバスターズ We are Little Busters

Little Busters! Card Mission[]

LB/WE21-P01 秘球!?にゃんこアタック! 鈴 Secret Throw!? Cat Attack! Rin
LB/WE21-P02 ねばー・ぎぶあっぷ クド Never Give Up Kud