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This Series contains cards from the popular Visual Novel by Key, turned anime Clannad and it's subsequent incarnation; Clannad: After Story.

There are no English cards for this series

Extra Packs[]

PR Cards[]


CL/WE01-46 日差しの中の渚 Under the Sunlight Nagisa
CL/WE01-47 春原コンボ Sunohara Combo
CL/WE01-48 花畑の少女たち Girls in the Flower Garden
CL/WE01-49 コンボを繋げる杏 Connecting the Combo Kyou

Clannad -After Story-[]

CL/WE04-19 杏&汐 Kyou & Ushio
CL/WE04-20 冬の日の渚 Winter Day Nagisa
CL/WE07-73 夏祭りの智代&風子&渚 Summer Festival Tomoyo & Fuuko & Nagisa

Comeback Campaign[]

CL/WE07-74 ことみ&渚&風子 Kotomi & Nagisa & Fuuko
CL/WE07-75 朋也のクラスメート 杏 Tomoya's Classmate Kyou
CL/WE07-76 まじめな女の子 智代 Serious Girl Tomoyo
CL/WE07-77 “部員募集中!”渚 "Currently Recruiting Members!" Nagisa
CL/WE07-78 仲良し夫婦 渚&朋也 "Friendly Spouse" Nagisa & Tomoya