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A special pack for (usually) a higher price than a booster pack where 2 foil cards are guaranteed in every pack, but every pack only contains 6 cards


  • 1 Carton = 30 Boxes
  • 1 Box = 6 Packs
  • 1 Pack = 6 Cards [3x Common, 1x Rare, 2x Foil]


  • Special(SP) - Signed alternate art of another card in the set
  • Rare(R) - Can be normal or foil
  • Common(C) - Can be normal or foil

Some foil cards have alternate art.

In 1 box, there are usually 18x C, 6x R, 9x Foil C and 3x Foil R if there was no SP in the box.

Special Rarity:[]

Some extra packs contain RR and U rarity cards in addition to the usual R and C rarity cards.

  • Double Rare(RR) - Can be normal or foil
  • Uncommon(U) - Can be normal or foil

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