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  • 1 Carton = 16 boxes
  • 1 Box = 20 packs
  • 1 Pack = 8 cards [4x Common, 2x Uncommon, 1x Rare or higher, 1x Climax]

Note: Each carton comes with a series play mat (only available in First Release [初版]); Each box comes with 5x Series Sleeves (for First Release [初版]) or 5x Standard WS Sleeves (for Re-release [再版]).


1 Rare card in every pack (Can be SP, RRR, SR, RR, R).

  • Special(SP) - Signed alternate art of RR/R (for newer series) or Alternate art of CR/CC (for older series), Holo
  • Triple Rare(RRR) - Alternate art of RR/R, Holo
  • Super Rare(SR) - Alternate art of RR/R, Holo
  • Double Rare(RR)
  • Rare(R)
  • Uncommon(U)
  • Common(C)
  • Climax Rare(CR)
  • Climax Common(CC)

Special Rarity:

  • Extra Rare(XR) - Signed alternate art. Only in Kantai Collection, Love Live DX, Project DIVA, and Project DIVA f 2nd
  • KanColle Rare/Miku Rare(RR+) - Only in Kantai Collection and Project DIVA f 2nd. A non-holo card with higher rarity than RR
  • Muse Rare (μR) - Signed alternate art featuring "μ" characters. Only in Love Live DX Vol.2. There will be one μR or one SP per booster box, in addition to one RRR.

Note: In a normal booster box (20 Packs) you will get 1x SP, RRR, or SR, 4x RR (1 RR of each color), and 15x R. Also a set of CR (1 CR in each color, 4 in total) and 2 sets of CC (2 CC in each color, 8 in total) of the series.

This category is for all the Booster Packs in Weiß Schwarz.

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