This page shows how every card is categorized on this wiki.

Side Edit

There are two sides, Weiss and Schwarz.

Every card in Weiss Schwarz falls in one of these two sides. You can check which side a card exists in by looking at the bottom edge of the card. If it is white with white wings on the sides, that card is on Weiss side. If it is black with black wings on the sides, that card is on Schwarz side.

Series Edit

Series are determined by what cards can go into a single deck in the NeoStandard Format. Most Series are comprised of only a single Anime/Game title, but some have two or more titles in one Series.

For a list of all the Series, see Series or NeoStandard Format.

Set Edit

A Set is determined by the Set ID that card has. A Set ID is composed of two to three alphanumeric characters. For example, LB represents the Little Busters! Set and FS represents the Fate/stay night Set.

For a list of all Set IDs, see Card Number#Set ID.

Release Edit

The Release Number is one or two alphabet letters(W, WE, S, SE) followed by a two digit number(01-36). And the release number represents when the Booster/Extra was released. For example, W01 will be the first Booster released on Weiss Side, while SE09 represents the 9th Extra Booster released on Schwarz Side.

For a list of all Release Numbers, see Card Number#Release Pack.

Expansion Edit

The Expansion is what kind of pack the card came from(Booster, Extra, Trial Deck, or Promotional). This can usually be determined by the rarity of the card. For example, a CR rarity card will come from a Booster, while a TD rarity card comes from a Trial Deck, and C rarity card will come from a Booster or Extra Booster.

Example Tree Edit

The following are examples for the cards, (LB/W21-005 R) and (P4/SE15-05 C)

  • Weiss Side
    • Little Busters! Series
      • LB Set
        • W02 Release (Little Busters!)
        • W06 Release (Little Busters! Ecstasy)
        • W21 Release (Little Busters! Anime)
          • Trial Deck Expansion
          • Booster Expansion
            • LB/W21-005 (“リトルバスターズ”鈴)
          • PR Expansion
  • Schwarz Side
    • Persona Series
      • P3 Set
        • S01 Release (Persona 3)
      • P4 Set
        • S08 Release (Persona 4)
        • SE01 Release (Persona 4 Extra)
        • SE12 Release (Persona 4 Anime)
        • SE15 Release (P4U)
          • Extra Expansion
            • P4/SE15-05 (自称特別捜査隊 悠)
          • PR Expansion