酒屋の娘 小西早紀
P4 s08 005 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Daughter of Sake Dealer Konishi Saki
Card No.: P4/S08-005
Series: Persona 4 (Booster)
Side: S Schwarz
Type: Character
Color:Yellow Yellow
Level: 1
Cost: 1
Power: 2500
Soul: Soul
Trigger: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Junes, Sake}}
Card Text:

【永】 他のあなたの《ジュネス》のキャラすべてに、パワーを+1000。

【永】 アラーム このカードがクロックの1番上にあるなら、あなたの《ジュネス》のキャラすべてに、パワーを+1000。

Translated Card Text:

【Continuous】All your other 《Junes》 Characters gains Power + 1000.

【Continuous】ALARM When this card is at the top of your Clock, All your 《Junes》 Characters gains Power + 1000.

Flavor Text:

こいつ、友達少ないからさ。 仲良くしてやってね

Translated Flavor Text:

He doesn't have many friends, so be good to him okay.

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  • This card is one of the staple for any Junes deck.
  • This card's first ability is not considered an Assist Ability. It works even if this card is not in a Back Stage slot.