演劇部 小沢結実
P4 s08 009 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Drama Club Ozawa Yumi
Card No.: P4/S08-009
Series: Persona 4 (Booster)
Side: S Schwarz
Type: Character
Color:Yellow Yellow
Level: 1
Cost: 0
Power: 5000
Soul: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Drama}}
Card Text:

【起】[(1) あなたのキャラを3枚【レスト】する] あなたは他の自分のキャラを1枚選び、手札に戻す。

Translated Card Text:

【Startup】[(1) Put 3 of your Character cards into 【Rest】 state] Choose one of your other Character Card and return it to your hand.

Flavor Text:


Translated Flavor Text:

You gave me the courage to take the first step.

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  • Although resting 3 characters on top of a stock cost sounds too expensive at first glance, in reality often the character to be returned can be chosen as a target of resting as well, so in most cases it is effectively resting 2 characters instead of 3.