Fs s03 004 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: The Oldest King Gilgamesh
Card No.: FS/S03-004
Side: S Schwarz
Type: Character
Color:Yellow Yellow
Level: 2
Cost: 1
Power: 8000
Soul: Soul
Trigger: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Servant, Weapon}}
Card Text:

【起】 [(2)] あなたは自分の山札を見てクライマックスを1枚まで選び、控え室に置く。その山札をシャッフルする。1枚控え室に置いたなら、あなたは相手の前列のレベル2以下のキャラを1枚選び、ストック置場に置く。

Translated Card Text:

【Startup】 [(2)] Search your deck for up to 1 Climax Card and send it to the Waiting Room. Shuffle your deck. If you sent 1 Climax Card to the Waiting Room, select one of your opponent's level 2 and below Center Stage Character and send it to your opponent's Stock.

Flavor Text:


Translated Flavor Text:

It's your turn. Awaken, Ea

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